Word of the Day: Minerva

  March 8, 2018: Minerva \ mi-NUR-vuh \  noun; 1. A woman of great wisdom. 2. The ancient Roman goddess of wisdom and the arts, identified with the Greek goddess Athena. The sun was low in the sky, and the fields were beginning to clear as the other farmers and shepherds made their way back to […]

Word of the Day: Ufology

  February 28, 2018: ufology \ yoo-FOL-uh-jee \  noun; 1. The study of unidentified flying objects.   The restaurant was nice enough, the server was friendly but not overbearing, and the food had been delicious–Grace had ordered a maple dijon salmon filet that she regretted eating as quickly as she had–the atmosphere was nice too. But […]

Word of the Day: Goldilocks

  February 27, 2018: goldilocks \ GOHL-dee-loks \  adjective; 1. Not being extreme or not varying drastically between extremes, especially between hot and cold.   “Goldilocks,” the page read, “adjective. Not being extreme or not varying drastically between extremes, especially between hot and cold.” Okay, that was just unfair. And patently untrue! She varied! She varied […]

Word of the Day: Messan

  February 16, 2018: messan \ MES-uh n \  noun; 1. Scot. a lap dog; small pet dog.   It chaffed, being here, like this. Especially with all the others. Especially since he had been the first. They were, in some ways, his fault after all. When he had first heard the tale of Lady Elspeth […]

Word of the Day: SOS

  February 15, 2018: SOS \ ES-oh-ES \  noun; 1. Any call for help. 2. The letters represented by the radio telegraphic signal (· · · – – – · · ·) used, especially by ships in distress, as an internationally recognized call for help.   Captain Carson Bradley, sun-kissed auburn hair tousled perfectly despite the […]

Word of the Day: Ship

  February 14, 2018: ship \ ship \  verb; 1. To take an interest in or hope for a romantic relationship between (fictional characters or famous people), whether or not the romance actually exists.   Five girls sat squished together on a plush sofa, breath held and attention rapt as they stared as one at the […]

Word of the Day: Sisyphean

  January 26, 2018: Sisyphean \ sis-uh-FEE-uh n \  adjective; 1. Endless and unavailing, as labor or a task. 2. Of or relating to Sisyphus.   Plort stared up at the parallel slats of wood crossing back and forth mere inches from his face and sighed. Above those slats were a mattress, and above that was […]

Word of the Day: Reverie

  January 25, 2018: reverie \ REV-uh-ree \  noun; 1. A state of dreamy meditation or fanciful musing. 2. A daydream. 3. A fantastic, visionary, or impractical idea.   The wind played fitfully with Andrew’s perfect brown curls, always leaving them placed elegantly on his face to draw attention to his piercing green eyes, his aquiline […]

Word of the Day: Silver-Tongued

  January 12, 2018: silver-tongued \ SIL-ver-TUHNGD \  adjective; 1. Persuasive; eloquent.   When she won the oration exhibition, she had been proud. More than proud. It was proof, they told her, that she was silver-tongued. Which, of course, was a great honour. When they had guided her off the stage amidst the still thundering applause, […]

Word of the Day: Jannock

  January 11, 2018: jannock \ JAN-uh k \  adjective; 1. British, Australian Informal. Honest; fair; straightforward.   As she twisted the lockpick in the sturdy lock she had to admit, even among thieves, this wasn’t, as her very Australian great aunt would have said, jannock. It was one of her great aunt’s favourite words, in […]