Pokemon Forever

My dark and shameful secret is that I heart pokemon forever. So here is me as a super awesome pokemon trainer (from Pokemon Black and White) with my faithful Emboar, Wiggly, getting ready to unleash our favourite move on some unsuspecting grass-type pokemon. Because that’s how we roll.

Pretty Pretty Naruto

So instead of writing like I’m supposed to be, I decided to play with inking in ArtRage Studio a bit more and practice with something a bit less doodley… but it’s still Naruto, because I love his colour scheme and the fact that I can very plausibly draw him doing very dorky things… Oh Naruto, […]


Ryan and I have been watching a lot of Naruto lately so I’m basically bound by nerd law to do some dorky doodles. DOOOOODLE!   Naruto. Watch it.

Word of the Day: Bushwhack

  May 4, 2011: bushwhack \ BOOSH-hwak \ verb; 1. To defeat, especially by surprise or in an underhanded way. 2. To make one’s way through woods by cutting at undergrowth, branches, etc.   It happened, she supposed, when she was bushwhacking through the woods. Her father, incidentally, would have called it a stroll, but […]

Word of the Day: Purlieu

  May 3, 2011: purlieu \ PUR-loo \  noun; 4. A piece of land on the edge of a forest, originally land that, after having been included in a royal forest, was restored to private ownership, though still subject, in some respects, to the operation of the forest laws.   When the king gifted Gemma’s […]

Word of the Day: Dandle

  May 2, 2011: dandle \ DAN-dl \ verb; 1. To move (a baby, child, etc.) lightly up and down, as on one’s knee or in one’s arms. All she had wanted was a babe to dandle on her knee, someone to bundle up in blankets and coo at, and love. That was all she […]

Word of the Day!

In an effort to stretch my writerly muscle and increase my writerly output (not that two small sections of a short story in six months isn’t outstanding) – I am taking on a project. Dictionary.com has a Word of the Day feature, which I have decided to leverage to my own nefarious ends. I’m going […]