Villager of the Day: Agnes

As promised, the queen of the side-eye, Agnes. She is one of the “uchi” visitors which is apparently like a big sister type that combines snooty and peppy and “normal” types. I would have gone with snootpep myself, because it sounds way cuter. Agnes’s catchphrase is “snuffle” which mostly makes me worry that she has seasonal […]

Villager of the Day: Agent S

And then I got the flu, so Agent S had to wait… but here she is! (I don’t think I knew she was a girl, despite having met her in game before, and now I like her even more, because she’s this peppy little hero squirrel girl. Her catchphrase is even “sidekick,” which is like the first […]

Villager of the Day: Admiral

Today’s villager is Admiral, who, I am ashamed to say, is not a duck. He is, infact, a bird, the Animal Crossing wiki tells me. As, I think, all the “birds” characters are — nondescript avian creatures of some sort. I was right about the grumpy part though. Admiral’s catchphrase is “aye, aye” which is a […]

Villager of the Day: Ace

I love Animal Crossing. I love the villagers and making friends with them and ruining their houses with all the furniture that isn’t good enough for my house. So I’m going to draw a villager a day. And at that pace, it’ll only take me a year and three months to get through them all. […]


Sometimes, I draw gnomes. Sometimes, I draw them picking their noses.   Tixxi certainly is cooler than you.

Pokemon Forever

My dark and shameful secret is that I heart pokemon forever. So here is me as a super awesome pokemon trainer (from Pokemon Black and White) with my faithful Emboar, Wiggly, getting ready to unleash our favourite move on some unsuspecting grass-type pokemon. Because that’s how we roll.

Pretty Pretty Naruto

So instead of writing like I’m supposed to be, I decided to play with inking in ArtRage Studio a bit more and practice with something a bit less doodley… but it’s still Naruto, because I love his colour scheme and the fact that I can very plausibly draw him doing very dorky things… Oh Naruto, […]


Ryan and I have been watching a lot of Naruto lately so I’m basically bound by nerd law to do some dorky doodles. DOOOOODLE!   Naruto. Watch it.