The Currently Untitled Fairy Tale Story 3

Hazel, One. In retrospect, Hazel had to admit: she was lucky. She had so much. She had grown up surrounded by love, with a mother and two wonderful aunts in a house that smelled always of cookies and sweets. She had been given an extraordinary education in the forest that surrounded her home on all […]

The Currently Untitled Fairy Tale Story 2

Taffeta, One. In looking back, Taffeta could only describe her life as being singularly uninteresting. Because of her kingdom’s relative isolation her bevy of handmaidens were all from the surrounding countryside and woefully unqualified to discuss anything of any interest, her wardrobe was filled to the brim with silks in colours and cuts that were […]

The Currently Untitled Fairy Tale Story

Rose, One. Upon reflection, Rose supposed she had had a rather singular childhood. Her father had taken her hunting for the first time when she was two, for example. True, it had only been as bait, but even she had to admit that such depth of hunting experience at such a young age was quite […]