Villager of the Day: Alice

It’s time for Alice, a totally adorable koala, and probably the cutest villager I’ve drawn so far (although Agent S is pretty great too. We were pretty heavy on the abominations there for a bit though). Alice’s catchphrase is “guvnor” so I guess she’s supposed to be British? Whatever you say, guvnor. My favourite thing about Alice […]

Villager of the Day: Alfonso

Here’s Alfonso, who turned into a very sad alligator, although I think he’s just supposed to be kind of tired. Sorry Alfonso. Why yes, that is a Super Mario Bros “M” on his shirt–his catchphrase is even “it’sa me” although I think his quote on the Wiki is way better– “We’re friends, so I won’t gnaw […]

Villager of the Day: Al

I’m so sorry for this. Al. Maybe it’s not his fault — he’s a gorilla, and they’re all terrifying (except maybe Hans, who is just sort of hilarious looking). His catchphrase in City Folk was “hoo hoo ha” but I guess they thought that was as creepy as I do, because they changed it to “ayyeeee” in New […]

Villager of the Day: Aisle

I’m gonna blame this dude for me being away for so long. I just couldn’t bring myself to draw Aisle. Yeah. That’s what it is. To be fair, he is really creepy looking. I was gonna blame it on him being a cub, which means he has a really big head and a teeny body and […]

Villager of the Day: Agnes

As promised, the queen of the side-eye, Agnes. She is one of the “uchi” visitors which is apparently like a big sister type that combines snooty and peppy and “normal” types. I would have gone with snootpep myself, because it sounds way cuter. Agnes’s catchphrase is “snuffle” which mostly makes me worry that she has seasonal […]

Villager of the Day: Agent S

And then I got the flu, so Agent S had to wait… but here she is! (I don’t think I knew she was a girl, despite having met her in game before, and now I like her even more, because she’s this peppy little hero squirrel girl. Her catchphrase is even “sidekick,” which is like the first […]

Villager of the Day: Admiral

Today’s villager is Admiral, who, I am ashamed to say, is not a duck. He is, infact, a bird, the Animal Crossing wiki tells me. As, I think, all the “birds” characters are — nondescript avian creatures of some sort. I was right about the grumpy part though. Admiral’s catchphrase is “aye, aye” which is a […]

Villager of the Day: Ace

I love Animal Crossing. I love the villagers and making friends with them and ruining their houses with all the furniture that isn’t good enough for my house. So I’m going to draw a villager a day. And at that pace, it’ll only take me a year and three months to get through them all. […]