A Game of Thrones: Genesis (part three)

Why am I still doing this to myself? It must be Derek Jacobi. I can’t resist his calm demands that I seduce and murder everyone. And it’s only going to get worse. I know this because I actually completed the last two tutorials and the first mission a couple of weeks back, but I haven’t […]

A Game of Thrones: Genesis (part two)

Yes, it’s time again to delve into that maddening puzzle that is GoT: Genesis! This time, I decided to try the tutorial on “Underhand Methods.” Derek Jacobi says “underhand methods” too, so I guess that’s how they say it in Westeros. Either way, I’m going to wish I hadn’t done this. If I thought being […]

A Game of Thrones: Genesis (part one)

…starting with A Game of Thrones: Genesis. That’s… not so alphabetical… Look, it’s Steam’s fault, not mine. And Steam is the boss here, not me. So we’re starting with A GAME OF THRONES: GENESIS. Now, as far as I recall, GoT: Genesis is a real-time strategy game that chronicles the beginnings of Westeros, so back […]

Yes, It’s a NEW PROJECT!

So, I own a few games. Um. As long as you’re under 1000, it still counts as a few, right? What may come as a shock is that I did not buy these games simply to enjoy that extremely large number. No, I intended (and still do intend) to play them. But how to go […]