Yes, It’s a NEW PROJECT!

So, I own a few games.


Um. As long as you’re under 1000, it still counts as a few, right?

What may come as a shock is that I did not buy these games simply to enjoy that extremely large number. No, I intended (and still do intend) to play them.

But how to go about such a Herculean task?

Why, blog about it, of course! Because… blog…


So, starting in alphabetical order, I’m going to play those 638 games… plus the ones I own on Origins and outside of game management systems and from other places… so, you know, maybe closer to 700? 700 games maybe? Oh god…

SO! Starting in alphabetical order, I’m going to play those bazillions of games, and blog about them.

I have no idea if I’ll try to finish them, or just play them until I get bored, or become so transfixed by the title screen that I am never able to begin the game, much less finish it, but at least I’ll have tried them all, right?

So, here it goes. Starting with A

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